Graphene Pioneer
How can we use graphene?

The future is greener through collaboration.

We can help you take the first steps in graphene. In which products can I use it? How can I use it? What could I expect from graphene? But we need your help to identify projects that can make the world better. We at GraphenePioneer believe the world needs to be changed. But if we try to change it by changing others? Well, history shows that never has ended well. GraphenePioneer wants to offer better technological solutions that are sound investments. People need to want it!

Graphene can offer better products and processes and make those cheaper as well. Graphene can upgrade low grade materials, reduce the need for recources and make processes more efficient. That future leaves economic growth to invest in greener and cleaner future for all instead of a lesser bad that takes from the underprivileged.

Often the hardest parts of using graphene is adaptation. As our founder likes to say: Graphene is like a special love affair. If you start to demand love graphene will take your money and leave you broke and poor behind. But if you court graphene and tempt her she will give you an unforgettable experience. 

We have a lot of knowledge and with a large network we can explain what to expect from graphene. How to use it in current processes or which changes are needed. But the best part is that we know how to use graphene outside of the laboratories. And that might just same you a lot of time and money!