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How can we use graphene?

About Graphene

Graphene; the ultimate game changer!

It is hardly to exaggerate, graphene is going to have a profound influence on daily life in the future. Today this future is taking shape and graphene is already being used in cars, fiber reinforced plastics, concrete, apparel, electronics, prints, paint... etc.

What is graphene? Graphene is a sheet of carbon only 1 atom thick. It is the most conductive and strongest material known to man.

Is graphene hard to use? To most people graphene, two dimensional nanotechnology, sounds like incomprehensible rocket science. But it isn't. The first graphene was isolated with ordinary scotch tape. You probably made it yourself if you have ever used a pencil eraser. The hard part is to understand where and how you could use it.

How do I know if graphene is usable for us? This is what we at aim to clarify. Helping you to take the fist steps in this exiting new technology, connect you with the knowledge in detail how you can benefit from graphene. Graphene needs an open mind. The potential is enormous and you can bet your work is going to change as well!

Where can I buy graphene? Well, you can buy it from us. But if you have no experience with graphene it is probably best to talk about the posibilities first. It needs optimal conditions to be an useful additive. Like our founder, Michel de Ruiter, uses to say; Graphene is like a Olympian goddess. If you try to impose your human will, she will ruin you. But if you make the right sacrifices she will grant you superhuman powers.

How much does graphene cost? When it was first isolated in 2004 it was the most expensive material on earth. But prices have dropped very much since then.The price will depend on the effect you are aiming for, but prices already start for less than € 20,00 per kilogram. You only need very tiny amounts for optimum effect to improve your products. Chances are that they will be cheaper at the same time. 

Can I use graphene? Below follows a list of interesting developments. You can click the link for more info. If your field is not mentioned please contact us. We would love to explore new possibilities with you.


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