Peace Paver

PrintAgora is about to make a break through with it’s “Peace Paver”. A simple pavement slab with a unique property – the detection of explosives! The Peace Paver can detect explosive residue on a moleculair level. A simplified representation is shown in the video below.

Explosive Detection

The Peace Paver is outfitted with sensors which allow it to sense it’s surroundings. This allows the pavement slab to detect explosive residu on a moleculair level. When the Peace Paver detects a dangerous substance it can alert security services with build in low frequency network or RF technology.


The internet of things

The Peace Paver is a smart object and is part of the internet of things. This means it is connected to a network for buildings, plants or areas. With a detection it could close doors and gates and relay information to smart phones automatically. Of course it works with any other everyday device connected to a network that exchanges data and information.

Unique properties

The Peace Paver is made out of some unique properties. These properties are applied in layers. Check out what they are made out of below.

unieke eigenschappen tegel
unieke eigenschappen
unieke eigenschappen
  • Graphene layer

    A protective, transparant layer 200 times stronger then metal

  • Optional Image Layer

    Either keep the pavement transparent or choose a picture indicating the location of the Peace Paver

  • LoRa sensor

    Long Range sensor connected to the internet of things via LoRaWAN network

  • Pavement

    PrintAgora speciales in printing on any kind of pavement, tiles or flooring.

Where should it be deployed?







Some examples of where the Peace Paver could be deployed are shown above. Although in this day of age the Peace Paver can and should be deployed at critial facilities all over the world. Our aim is to make the Peace Paver cheap so it can be afforded by those most threatened.